We're curious about the limits of human capability.
So we back exceptional founders that are able to align great teams and communities around inspiring ideas.
What is Bogaroo
We're a value add family office fund.

Our family is made up of founders with start-up success and experience managing large scale products and teams at Facebook, CoreLogic and Uber.

Areas of interest: Substainability, Civic Engagement, Health, AI/ML, Fintech, Consumer Products, Human-Computer Interaction

Focus: Pre-Seed/Seed

We move fast. Investment decisions within 2 weeks.

SAFEs, notes, equity rounds, board seats, valuations, etc - you do what you think is best. We don't impose anything on our founders.      

  • artboard copy-shakepay.png

    The easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin

  • artboard copy 231.png

    Helping people reclaim their time and live better lives

  • Smartest and safest way to make payments in East Africa

  • artboard copy 18.png

    Giving people a reason to laugh by making everyone a comedian 

  • Luxurious fine jewelry for the imaginative woman

  • Fully wireless loudspeakers for large spaces

  • Dedicated space for the most important people in your life

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    Helping businesses create and manage communities

  • screen shot 2019-05-24 at 7.11.31 pm.png

    Skin patches for generic drug delivery, focusing on children and the elderly

  • artboard copy 16.png

    Worlds smallest camera capable of navigating around veins and arteries

  • artboard copy 15.png

    Empowering governments
    with collective intelligence using the blockchain

  • artboard copy 19.png

    Software to animate and organize legal language

  • artboard copy 5.png

    World's leading global innovation program for ages 13-17

  • artboard copy 6.png

    Helping real estate agents develop, operate, and grow their business

  • artboard copy 7.png

    Turning traveling and dining experiences into real rewards

  • artboard copy 11.png

    Bringing smarter thinking to the business of property insurance

  • artboard copy 8.png

    Helping everyone find the best care and championing caregiving professionals 

  • artboard copy 9.png

    Audience intelligence driven advertising for mobile marketers 

  • artboard copy 13.png

    A social platform for emerging and independent musicians

  • artboard copy 12.png

    Social commerce helping people enjoy life at 50-90% off

  • artboard copy 14.png

    Building unique and compelling video game experiences for all platforms

  • artboard copy 10.png

    Innovation agency helping Fortune 500s think and build like start-ups

Contact us
Send us an email and let us know what you're working on. 

  • hello@bogaroo.com